Trump’s Proactive Transition Period

Happy December, everyone! As 2016 winds down, so does Barack Obama’s presidency. Now that the sitting president has been a “lame duck” for about a month, President-elect Donald Trump is phasing himself into the presidency, while his sons are wondering what a lame duck is and whether you can hunt it. In the process of taking the reins from… Continue reading Trump’s Proactive Transition Period


The Real History of Thanksgiving

After a much-needed Thanksgiving break, I’d like to open with this: welcome back, all – to Tufts, to Somerville, to where the laundry doesn’t somehow magically do itself and your bed is a hand-me-down from a total stranger. I hope that week of binge drinking with your high school friends was a welcome change of… Continue reading The Real History of Thanksgiving

Nation’s 45th President To Be [Hillary Clinton / Donald Trump]

The tribe has spoken! Today is the second Wednesday of November, which means that yesterday we officially elected a new president! However, this column was due for submission on Monday, so it was written before most of the ballots were cast and counted. I decided to just go ahead and write about the outcome of the… Continue reading Nation’s 45th President To Be [Hillary Clinton / Donald Trump]

FWD: The Complete Timeline of Clinton’s Email Saga

Happy belated Halloween, everyone. Before I begin, I’d like to do a quick PSA: please, remove that pumpkin from your front porch. Remove it. It is no longer a festive decoration. It is now a piece of rotting fruit. It is becoming mushy. Squirrels have been eating it and getting drunk and making poor life decisions.… Continue reading FWD: The Complete Timeline of Clinton’s Email Saga

Clinton’s Unused Al Smith Dinner Jokes

On Thursday night, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton put their differences aside in order to attend the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, an annual fundraiser for Catholic charities. As is tradition at the dinner, the two presidential candidates (that matter) each roasted the other. Secretary Clinton went the traditional comedic route, while Trump gave a glimpse into his foreign policy by bombing indiscriminately. Unfortunately, Clinton decided… Continue reading Clinton’s Unused Al Smith Dinner Jokes