Conan Writing Submission

Just like any ambitious writer, I am making a name for myself without asking for any favors. That's why, when my friend's father's friend's friend said he has a friend on Conan who could read a writing application of mine, I emailed that person all by myself. Here's what I attached on that email in response to… Continue reading Conan Writing Submission


Review of Chris Delia’s Man on Fire – 4.5/5

If good comedy makes you laugh, while great comedy makes you laugh and also think, Man on Fire is Chris Delia’s jump from good to great comedy. It is a deceptively well-structured special with an underlying point – you are not special. “You’re just somebody.”

Guest Speech by Evan Dawson (or Devin Bawson?)

Generally, I keep this site restricted to stuff written by me, Kevin Lawson. However, when I heard this speech at the NCAA's 2016 Final Four Soccer Banquet, I felt I had to make an exception. I'm not sure who wrote it for Tufts' Zach Halliday, but apparently his/her name rhymes with Shmevin Shmawson, which is crazy,… Continue reading Guest Speech by Evan Dawson (or Devin Bawson?)