Hello! Welcome to the Internet’s leading website (probably) consisting exclusively of work by Kevin Lawson!

Under “The Tufts Daily Show,” you’ll find satirical columns I wrote for my college newspaper, The Tufts Daily. They’re like monologues you’d hear on The Daily Show, if every writer on the show called in sick simultaneously and one of the unpaid interns had been tasked with writing the whole thing.

Under “BoJack Horseman Script,” you’ll find a spec script I wrote as a hypothetical opener for the fourth season of the equal-parts-silly-and-sad BoJack Horseman. If you steal it I will sue for its full value of $2.50 2017 USD.

Under “Other Stuff,” you’ll find other stuff (you’re welcome for this clarification). The spread includes videos of speeches, sketches, and standup I authored, as well as a late-night writing submission and the odd comedy review. I’ll continue to update this with other stuff I’m proud of.

And find my contact info under “About”!